I'm Heide, photographer, designer & owner for 'In the Box PhotoBooth'!

After finishing University, I spent the past 14 years working as a graphic designer, photographer & social marketer. In 2013, I fell in love with my little photobooth concept that continues to grow into something special. 

Most days you can find me hanging out in my home
office/craft room & photography studio along with my sidekick Zoe.


I am mostly known for my quirky personality, love of animals, creative Halloween costumes, event planning, addiction for LINDT chocolates, my endless supply of crazy ideas, and my life's motto to live a life of happiness & love what I do!


People often say that I'm the life of a party, which sometimes comes to my surprise being a creative introvert. My personality shines through when
I'm serving the world with fun, laughter & happy memories
through my Photo Booth.





my friends!


'IT' Extraordinaire 

This guy is incredible! He may join you in the photo booth once or twice but it's only to "test" the equipment out ;)

He will go above and beyond for
your event to guarantee that it's
the most memorable one. 


my team is dedicated to making your event a spectacular success and a memorable one. We are compassionate and driven to you and all the unique details that go into
planning your day. 

Thanks for visiting me & my quirky family.



Office Lounger

You may not see this gal on location for your event, but this little Gal is dedicated at business meetings & sharing her great ideas — even if the suggestions are
"Time for a walk Mom"

"Mom treat time" &

"I need another nap".


prop pro

You may see this pretty girl on location sometimes but she likes to work behind the scenes making props and washing dishes... lol

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